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Home – Bandino Brasserie



Where Italian
Flavors Flourish

A Local Italian Bistro with Breakfast,
Lunch & Dinner

Your neighbourhood Italian

Lunch: Mon to Fri 11am – 5pm
Dinner: Sun to Thurs 5pm-10pm + Fri & Sat 5pm-11pm


Monday to Sunday 7am -11am

Dine, drink, discover: Make new memories at Blandino Brasserie .

Our commitment to Italian excellence extends beyond the plate. Whether you’re sipping on a timeless Negroni or exploring the depths of flavor in our cocktail menu is a celebration of the diverse and rich tapestry of Italian spirits. From the iconic classics to unique creations, each cocktail reflects the passion and expertise of our mixologists.

Boscaiolo Pizza

Truffle, roasted mushroom, speck, Talleggio

Weekly Promotions

An Italian-Inspired Culinary Haven for Private Events

Step into our welcoming space, where the ambiance of
our patio and the charm of our bistro seamlessly blend,
creating an inviting haven for culinary exploration.
Beyond our regular offerings, we extend our
hospitality to host exclusive private events, ensuring
that your special occasions are celebrated in style.

Stay with us

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